Angus cattle
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Angus steers are the cattle of choice on Bronzewing Farm as this British breed thrives in our cool-temperate climate.

Steers are typically bought as 'weaners' from top quality calf producers and allowed to graze the farm for between 9 and 10 months.  Prior to entry into the pastures, all cattle are 'wormed' and kept in the cattle yards for approximately 3 days to ensure top animal health and minimise the likelihood of any cattle picking up debilitating internal parasites.
Bronzewing Farm beef is fully accredited pasture fed, not grain fed, which means the meat has the full flavours and texture that results from healthy and active animals. A time-lapse video of our cattle grazing can be seen here:  Time-lapse cattle grazing
Tasmania banned the use of Hormone Growth Promotants (HGP) over 15 years ago and is still the only state in Australia to do so.  Bronzewing Farm's accreditation means we do not feed our cattle HGP's or antibiotics as feed stimulants.

Bronzewing Farm's HGP-free and antibiotic-free Angus steers grow at over 1 kg of body weight gain per day on the lush pastures.  If supplementary feed is required, they are fed supplementary rations of high quality hay which had been cut from the lush pastures the previous spring.
Angus cattle on Bronzewing Farm pastures Angus steers on Spring pasture Dams are fenced off, and water troughs used to protect the environment bronzewing_farm2021_v1006005.jpg
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