Sunrise on Bronzewing Farm
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Bronzewing Farm has a cool temperate climate - not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter.  Rainfall is abundant with an annual average of 950 mm.  Typical temperatures and average monthly rainfall are shown below, but current weather conditions as well as archived monthly and yearly data (back to 2011) can be accessed for free from our weather station link below.
The farm has an Oregon Scientific WMR200 weather station which is set up to record air and soil temperatures (every minute), humidity, rainfall and barometric pressure (adjusted to sea level).  The weather station data is uploaded every 10 minutes and is accessible from the link below.

temperatures on Bronzewing Farm Rainfall averages for Lilydale Angus cattle bronzewing_farm2021_v1004004.jpg bronzewing_farm2021_v1004003.jpg
Weather station
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